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NTFS write on Lion or Mountain Lion

What works

Tuxera and Paragon sell paid NTFS solutions on a Mac that just work with the best performance. I however used the free version of NTFS-3G on Snow Leopard without much issues. When I moved to Lion though, there were some errors.. and MacFUSE wasn’t maintained anymore.

What almost worked

So, I tried fuse4x with ntfs-3g and while it works fine most of the times, sometimes I got errors with writing large (>1G) files on an NTFS volume. Also, automounting didn’t work fine—I didn’t bother to troubleshoot that though. If you want to try this approach, I suggest you do this through homebrew, which is a wonderful package manager on Mac.. sort of like apt-get on Ubuntu. Once brew is installed, just do `brew install ntfs-3g`. This is what I remember doing.. and I think it pulled up fuse4x, and associated kexts etc. Anyway, I did `brew remove` for ntfs-3g and fuse4x.

What’s working for me

I reverted to the old NTFS-3G module (ntfs-3g-2010.10.2) with OSXFUSE; and of course, the fuse_wait patch as mentioned here. Things are working for me as before.. though it’s an older module of NTFS-3G. 

  1. Install OSXFUSE; make sure you select MacFUSE compatibility layer option


    NOTE: you see ‘upgrade’ in screenshot above becuase on my system it’s already installed. You should see ‘install’ instead.
  2.  Install NTFS-3G. Note that it’s an older release of NTFS-3G (2010.10.2) but don’t worry, works fine.. and performs fine as well.
  3. Reboot.
  4. Install fuse_wait
  5. Reboot. 
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